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Photovoltaiv power plant SCADA. Home screen with station info.

Local SCADA for photovoltaic power station 6 MW


The basic project of a local SCADA system for a solar power station is built…

Huawei SUN2000 smart object. Inverter run mode state page.

Huawei SUN2000 photovoltaic inverter Smart Object for Zenon


SmartObject is a technology within Zenon, that enables easy reuse of implemented objects, similar to…

Photovoltaic power plant's dispatching SCADA. Station inverters map screen.

SCADA for dispatching a group of photovoltaic power plants


The dispatching system for geographically distributed solar power stations is built on the Zenon SCADA…

OEE. Machines state base info dashboard.

Equipment utilization (OEE)


Monitoring the utilization of production equipment (CNC machines, presses, painting chambers) is implemented by measuring…

Power supply monitoring. Measurement point dashboard.

Monitoring the power supply of the production site


Monitoring system for the power supply of a production site with multiple consumers. Electrical equipment…

Power supply monitoring. Total powers dashboard.

Industry power supply monitoring


Monitoring system for the power supply of the middle-size factory. Consists of LV source input…

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