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Monitoring the power supply
of the production site
with multiple sources and end-users

Power supply monitoring. Measurement point dashboard.
Power supply monitoring. Measurement point dashboard.
Power supply monitoring. Genset dashboard.
Power supply monitoring. Historian.
Power supply monitoring. Consumption report.
Number of measurement points:

Electrical network analyzers:
Socomec Diris A20  (link)
Socomec Digiware  (link)

Network equipment:
Mikrotik KNOT (link)

Software and tools:

Ubuntu Linux (link)
TimescaleDB  (link)
Grafana (link)

Monitoring system for the power supply of a production site with multiple consumers. Electrical equipment consists of:

  • LV input from the substation
  • genset
  • photovoltaic station
  • automatic transfer switch
  • end-users measurement points

Inputs from the substation, genset and photovoltaic station are equipped with Socomec Diris A20 network analyzers with RS485 communication modules (Modbus RTU) and ATS (automatic transfer switch) controller connected to the Modbus RTU/TCP gateway Mikrotik KNOT.

The end-user metering points are monitored by the Socomec Digiware system by Socomec.

Using Python scripts, parameter values are directly stored in a database located on a separate virtual machine.

Each measurement point transmits the following parameters:

  • phase-to-neutral voltages
  • phase-to-phase voltages
  • phase currents
  • phase powers (active and reactive)
  • average voltage and current
  • total powers (active, reactive and apparent)
  • THD for voltages and current
  • power factor (average and by phase)
  • energy counters (import/export, active, reactive and apparent)
  • connection quality

Additionally, in the database saving ATS (automatic transfer switch) working parameters:

  • mode
  • status code
  • error code
  • both input voltages
  • IO state

Grafana dashboards:

  • current values of the end-users’ electrical parameters
  • current values of the ATS/genset parameters
  • trends and historian
  • power consumption report for every measurement point
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