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Equipment utilization (OEE)

OEE. Machines state base info dashboard.
OEE. Machines state base info dashboard.
OEE. Machine status time diagram.
OEE. Machines state base info dashboard dark theme.
OEE. Machin status by shifts.
OEE. Extended data of a machine.
Number of measurement points:

Electrical network analyzers:
Socomec Diris A10  (link)
Socomec Diris A20  (link)

Network equipment:
Mikrotik KNOT (link)

Software and tools:
Ubuntu Linux (link)
Zabbix (link)
Grafana (link)

Monitoring the utilization of production equipment (CNC machines, presses, painting chambers) is implemented by measuring electrical current and determining the operating mode based on its magnitude.

The load level of each point can exist in one of the three modes: off, idle, and operational. Analyzing the electrical current values read from network analyzers allows for identifying periods of downtime and operation throughout a shift, day, or week. The results are displayed on user-friendly dashboards and updated in real time.

In the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) terminology, we calculate the availability criterion, a fundamental parameter for further OEE calculations. It is dependent on various types of downtime, including breakdowns and failures, lack of raw materials or personnel attention.


  • Automatic operation mode detection. Eliminates the human factor, requiring no actions from the operator.
  • The absence of the need for intervention in the electrical circuit of the machine.
  • Integrates with any ammeters, electric meters, and network analyzers equipped with a digital output.
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